Student Ministries

The youth program at First United Methodist Church is designed to provide a safe, spiritual, and exciting environment for our youth. Our church provides small groups, activities, and events to give youth a chance to learn, grow, strengthen their faith, and make lifelong friendships along the way! Check out our web site for more info on these exciting activities for young people!

The First United Methodist Church youth program seeks to reach all areas of our community. Through our worship, programming, trips, retreats, fun nights and Bible studies, we seek to grow in love toward God and toward each other by cultivating a community of faith and friendship that welcomes all youth, nurtures the spiritual life of everyone involved and serves God's world. We know and understand that it is very possible to have a blast while striving to be all that God calls us to be.

Our Student Pastor is Stuart Branstetter.  You may contact him by phone at 205-387-2111

  • First day open
  • After students approached Stuart, the Student Minister, following a Youth Worship Service saying they wanted to be baptized, a May 31, 2017 Lake Day was planned.
  • Although Methodist normally use the sprinkle method of baptism, Jasper First UMC will accommodate baptism by submersion.
  • Our Youth Minister is a true spiritual leader