United Methodist Women

UMW has been asked to help replenish the dwindling supply of hygiene kits UMCOR distributes in times of human and natural disasters. We need your help. Each kit costs around $12 to assemble or you could donate specific items on the UMCOR list and UMW will assemble them into kits. Cash donations to help purchase toothpaste and pay postage are also welcome. A list of specific items needed is located by each door to the sanctuary and on the Church website on the UMW ministries page. Deadline for donations is Palm Sunday. Thanks so much for whatever help you can provide.
Welcome to Jasper First United Methodist Women!
Originally designed as a missionary society, we are indeed still that but oh, so much more. We are also fun-loving, encouraging, love-you-as-you-are, outreaching, learning, growing girlfriends! I want every woman I meet to be a part of this wonderful group because I know how much this “sisterhood” touches our members' lives. I personally can't wait for each monthly Circle meeting to catch up on what's going on with my friends!  Beyond that we are doing good things … raising money to benefit global and local missions with hands-on mission events as well.
The good news is it's open to everyone … you don't have to be a member of our church or even a Methodist to join! Circles meet once a month … the Mary-Martha circle meets in the morning and the Sisterhood Circle meets at night (dinner included) so everyone will have an opportunity to attend. If you need child care to attend a meeting, that can be arranged. If you need a ride, we can handle that too. This is such an awesome group of ladies, we just want everyone to be blessed by being able to be a part of it.
Visit our Circle pages for upcoming meeting dates and times. And please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Becoming part of this wonderful organization may be the nicest thing you do for yourself this year. Hope to see you there!!
Cheri Russell, UMW President