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Mission trips cost a significant amount of money no matter where you go. Alaska is no different. You know what is different? Alaska is the most unchurched state in the country. Alaska has the highest drug use of any state. Our student ministry is taking on the challenge and going to Alaska this summer to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Want to help? We will be selling water color prints of the exterior of the church to raise money for our team. It will be available as a print in two sizes, 5x7 and 8x10. We will also be selling a set of 10 note cards and envelopes. The design will be of the exterior of the church only. Click on the picture to see a bigger picture.

Sarah O’Mary Roberts has generously given of her time and talent to help make this possible. She is the artist who designed the print. All the production costs have been underwritten which means the project is fully funded. 100% of every donation will go toward the trip!

You can have a print or set of cards for any donation to the mission trip. In lieu of setting a specific price, we believe the generosity of our congregation will raise more money so we are trusting God will show us favor during this fundraiser.

We will be taking orders through March 15, 2020. There will be samples for everyone to see this Sunday. We will try to have them in Sunday School classes and displayed in the Easter wing. If you would like to order one please see me or Lori and we will record your order. They will be available soon after the 15th. Thanks in advance.

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